Storage Units : Size Comparison
Our Storage Units
10' x 10' Storage Unit
( 100 sq ft )

Fits Contents of a
12' Moving Truck

Holds 1-2 Rooms or
150 File-Storage Boxes

Great for One-Bedroom Apartment,
Appliances & Washer/Dryer

10' x 15' Storage Unit
( 150 sq ft )

Fits Contents of a
16' Moving Truck

Holds 3-4 Rooms or
225 File-Storage Boxes

Ideal for One-Bedroom Home,
Building Materials or Office Surplus

10' x 20' Storage Unit
( 200 sq ft )

Fits Contents of a
24' Moving Truck

Holds 5-6 Rooms
Like a Standard 1 Car Garage

For Two/Three-Bedroom Home,
or Small Vehicle/Boat

10' x 30' Storage Unit
( 300 sq ft )

Fits Contents of a
Two 16' Moving Trucks

Holds 7-8 Rooms
Compares to a 1 ½ Car Garage

Plenty of Space for Vehicle/Boat
or Four-Bedroom Home

Need Other Storage Options?
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30' x 30' Office/Shops
Chaney Drive Storage offers Office or Shop Space, too!
Chaney Drive Storage offers offices or shop space, too!

It is conveniently located at the front of our establishment.

Custom Plan
Chaney Drive Storage can help with custom plans for small items!
Looking to store a few boxes, bikes, rugs, golf clubs or equipment? We will try to accommodate your needs!

Give us a call & we can discuss a solution!