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Packing can be a daunting challenge!
There are a lot of ideas to be found online but here a few to get you started thinking:

  • Box it!
    Boxes are very efficient ways of storing items for several reasons. First, similar items can be grouped and placed iside the same box. Also, labeling boxes with a notation like "kitchen", "winter clothers" or "master-bathroom" makes finding something much more simple!

    Next, stacking boxes makes very efficient use of your storage unit space. Purchase boxes at hardware store where they are relatively inexpensive, so all of your boxes will be uniform in size. That is a big advantage when making the most of your space.

  • Design a plan for your unit!
    Look at your storage unit and decide your needs. Are there seasonal items, like Christmas decorations, that you will want to easily find? Plan to put them all in the same place, like one side of the unit.

    Will you need to get anything out of storage on a regular basis? If so, then place those items near the front of the unit once the rest of the items are inside.

    Place big items towards the back. Stack heavy boxes and items on the bottom, with the lightest boxes placed on top. Disassemble items you can, like removing the handles on lawn mowers.

More ideas . . .

  • Make your furniture drawers lead a double life!
    Dressers and cabinets that have drawers are great places for storing small or fragile items. Garbage cans can be used to store brooms, gardening tools or curtain rods!

  • Wrap as you pack!
    Protect your breakables! Besides packing paper, use towels, linens, or even t-shirts to wrap items that might otherwise clang together, chip or break. Wrap pictures and mirrors, too. Items that are fragile should be marked clearly so there is no mishap when you are moving them. The extra time and effort is worth it!

  • No food!
    Food attracts ants, bugs and rodents. And, critters ruin everything which they come into contact!

Chaney Drive Storage Offers Rug Storage
Rugs are beautiful accents to any decor!

However, they are cumbersome to store. Also, it's vital to keep your rugs in their best condition to protect your investment.

To prevent damage during storage, consider these simple tips!

  • Clean your rugs before you store them!
    It is always a good idea to vacuum them or get them cleaned prior to storage. Be sure your rugs are thoroughly dry!

  • Roll - don't fold!
    Folding creates creases that weaken the backing, which causes permanent damage. Rolling the pile inside or outside is debateable, however rolling the pile inward is considered best for most rugs.

  • To wrap or not to wrap - that is the question!
    Some types of rugs and wrapping materials are not a good combination! Wrapping materials need to be breathable and non-interactive with your rug fibers, like Tyvek. So do your research!

  • Don't stack heavy items on rugs!
    Placing rugs on top of other items can be a wise use of storage space, but not the other way around. You can also store them upright as long as you keep them off the ground.
George Washington University Museum provides a valuable resource, "Storing Oriental Carpets", that's worth reading!